Crime, A3 and problem solving

Happy easter Are you watching or reading a crime novel during Easter?

In Norway this is an Easter tradition, and my family is watching at least one crime serie during Easter.

Who can solve the crime first? Who is the murderer? What is the motive? Or the root cause? 

Maybe an A3 can help you solve this year's Easter crime on television?

Asking questions


I saw a show with Ian Russell, and I found it inspiring and informative.

He is excellent at asking questions and interact with his audience, while teaching science.

He talks about how children are curious and asks questions, while grown-ups tend not to.

Overcoming fear

overcoming fear

I went to Oslo Summer Park with my son, where we discovered "Tigerspranget", meaning "Tiger Leap".

It is a 25 m high pole with a platform on top, where you can jump out while being secured.

It looked very exciting!

What will you master today?


I secured children who climbed up a 10-m high outdoor wall.

A challenge for many of them. Some came up on the first try, others had to give up because of fear or other reasons.

It was incredibly fun to watch the sense of mastery children experienced when they reached the top. 

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