Goals and measures


A company’s strategy is how it will realize its vision in the mid- to long-term. 

The strategy needs to be translated into action via strategic objectives, and operational objectives.

The achievement of both strategic and operational objectives needs to be regularly monitored to see, if the corporate strategy is on track.

Thought Map

Thought map

Have you tried to reach a goal or solve a problem without succeeding at your first attempt?

Maybe you fixed the symptoms, not the root cause? Perhaps the problem was not well understood? Or maybe the goal was unclear?

There may be many possible explanations. For whatever reason, a Thought Map will help you structure the way to the goal.

Specific goals

Specific goals

Have you overcome more than you thought was possible?

My family enjoy outdoor activity, and growing up, my dad was leading our trips. Unfortunately, the goal changed along the way:

"We reached this summit, but that summit looks even nicer. Let’s go there!"

"The bus will not leave until several hours. Let’s walk home instead."

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