Are meetings stealing your time?


Have you been to a meeting, and questioned the value of the meeting afterwards?

Maybe the meeting was relevant to some of the participants, but not to all of them?

Poor preparation may cause the meetings to last longer.

Do you overreact?


When and how do you respond to a result?

Do you use facts or intuition? Do your customers decide when to react?

Or maybe you use statistical process control?

How do you react? Do you start looking for a special cause?

Are your processes capable?

robust process

I have experienced operators adjusting a machine in despair because the machine produced rejects.

No matter how much they adjusted, the machine still produced rejects.

The adjustments did not help, in fact it resulted in more rejects.

How fast do you react?

statistical process control

The best way to find out is to test! You can do that at the Norwegian museum of Science and Technology.

I did an experimental design where I tested age, gender and sense (vision and hearing). My brother in law (35 years), my son (10 years), my niece (7 years) and I (41 years) were volunteers.

This is NOT Lean


Lean is all about flow.

I like smooth flow. It also applies to traffic. I do not like queues and unnecessary waiting.

The other day I experienced poor flow. Close to where we live there is a road construction.

Lean thinking

lean gårdsdrift

I love to hear about people and businesses that succeed using Lean and Six Sigma. They practice the tools because of the value.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting a former colleague, Iver Frøsli, who combines a full-time job with farming.

Good flow gave world record

Good flow

I am impressed by the flow at Espa Bolleland, a Norwegian gas station 90 km north of Oslo.

We often stop here, and we are not the only ones...

What's so amazing with Espa bolleland, is that besides all their visitors, you experience a good flow.



I will share a story that Vibeke Holtskog shared with me. Simply because it hit me. You might like it too:

A man was driving on the countryside and suddenly did not know where he was. The peaks on both sides of the road looked the same, and the road he would turn to the right never revealed.

Farsightedness made good flow

Farsightedness made good flow

This autumn I participated with my partner Trond, at an adventure race: Challenge 40.

The concept is to earn the most points during the 4 hours race, by finding spots marked on the map.

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