Lean Tech helps you with continuous improvement and sustainability:

● Continuous improvement training and support
● Set and achieve sustainability goals
● Data analysis

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Lean Techs business idea


By combining process knowledge, statistics & analytics with your insight we create measurable results.

Lean Tech helps you become more competitive by reducing cost, improving quality and increasing productivity.

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Process control

statistical process control

Statistical Process Control - SPC, distinguish normal and special variation, which help you respond correctly to measurement results. You can use it to determine capability (robustness), stability, effect of changes, predictive maintenance and much more. Watch Statistical Process Control video.

Measurement error

measurement error

Suppliers state the uncertainty of instrument and measuring equipment. How does the medium, the environment, the measuring instrument and the person performing the analysis contribute to variation? To make good decisions, we need reliable measurements. Watch video about measurement error.



OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a widely used productivity indicator, revealing losses and enabling us to improve. OEE is influenced by availability, performance and quality, and the available production time is crucial. More about that in Lean Techs OEE video.


production efficiency

Do you want to reduce energy and raw material consumption? Achieve more satisfied customers and reduce quality costs? Increase capacity and productivity? Lean Six Sigma is a fact-based improvement method that create measurable results. See pdf with 10 improvement tips to create effective and efficient processes.

Time management

Time management

Set a goal, create a strategy, take action and measure. This article includes a video about time management showing you how a mindmap, an activity plan, and easy time registration that can help you measure, plan and improve.

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