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Here is the video with practical SPC applications:


What is SPC?


Statistical Process Control (SPC) involves using control charts to monitor process variations and make data-driven decisions based on measurement results. It’s a proven method to maintain and improve process quality over time.


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The video show you how SPC and control charts can be used to:

  • Determine if it helps to adjust the machine to prevent scrap, or if it's waste of time
  • Compare the normal variation of different machines; This is useful when you are investing in new machines, and when you want to decide the robustness of you process / machine

As described in the video you can also use SPC to:

  • Decide the effect of a change you did by comparing the control limits before and after you did the change
  • Preventive maintenance

Learn more about SPC and Control Chart in Lean Techs e-learning .



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