Green Belt Six Sigma


This e-learning course describes roles, methods and tools for successful execution of improvement projects. 

Adaptations of Six Sigmas DMAIC makes it suitable for all types of improvement projects.

The training is delivered by Lean Techs partner Aksena.

Duration: 3-4 hours | Access: 1 year


Course content:

  • Introduction to Six Sigma as a central mechanism in a strategic business improvement system.
  • Overall description of the Six Sigma method DMIAC. 
  • Introduction to the documents roadmap, storyboard and project charter. 
  • Guidelines for good problem descriptions. 
  • High-level process mapping with SIPOC. 
  • Mapping customer needs and requirements with Voice of the Customer and CTQ-tree. 
  • Brainwriting. 
  • Fishbone diagram as visual support in mapping root causes. 
  • Introduction to process mapping to strengthen assumptions about causal relationships. 
  • Applying 5 Whys when mapping root causes. 
  • Introduction to data analysis to strengthen assumptions about causal relationships. 
  • The tools histogram, pareto chart and control chart are introduced. 
  • Tools for assessing risks in solutions. 
  • Prioritization tools for choosing solutions. 
  • Important tools and activities for documenting improved performance and ensure sustainability of the solutions.

The course includes:

  • 9 Chapters 
  • 20 Videos 
  • 5 Knowledge checks 
  • 5 PDF 
  • 1 eBook 
  • 1 Exam 
  • 1 Certification

A certificate is issued if you complete 40 multiple choice questions with at least 75% right answers (unlimited attempts). 

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