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Achieve your goal by managing your time efficiently.

  • Do you know which activities to focus on to acheive your goal?
  • Do you spend time on your planned activities?
  • Do you know how you spent your time?
  • Do you plan future activities and evaluate your past ones, to make sure that you are on track?
  • How do you stay focused and continuously improve to achieve your goal?

Managing time efficiently is a key to success.



  • How to make a structured plan in order to achieve your goals and objectives
  • How to identify your value adding activities in order to stay focused and manage time wisely
  • How to register your hours easily in a timesheet
  • How the obtain the necessary facts in order to make good decisions and self improve


Here is the video about Time management:



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Is it difficult to know how to achieve your goals? To decide what activities to prioritize?

To evaluate and adjust your course in order to succeed?


The right tools can help you structure your ideas and identify the activities you need to focus on.

By registering your hours and activities, you get the facts you need to make good decisions and to improve.

The product "Time Management" can help you identify activities to focus on, in order to create a sustainable business. You can register your hours and activities easily in the timesheet. The timesheet supply you with the facts you need to evaluate, plan and improve.

"Time management" includes Mind Map, activity plan, and timesheet in excel (microsoft windows - office 2016), with the necessary graphics and statistics to make good decisions and improve.

To improve your time management you need to know how you spend your time. If you are not registering you hours already, this product will help you get started. "Time Management" includes timesheet for registering your hours easily.

  • Mind Map to achieve your goal. You get a pdf file with an example of a mind map. It includes questions that can help you structure a plan of how to create a sustainable business. The questions will help you to structure your product ideas, customer knowledge and need, your expertise and knowledge, your marketing activities, your delivery options and your uniqueness.

  • Activity plan. A pdf with activities for an online business. The activities are based on the mind map, and knowledge acquired through various courses on how to build an online business. You can use it as a starting point when you identify your activities.

  • Timesheet. The timesheet is an excel spreadsheet (microsoft windows, office 2013) for registering your hours. You can chose activity easy from a drop-down menu. The timesheet includes sub-menus for more detailed information, and the possibility of registering your hours at a specific project or product. You can also register your time thieves.

  • Customization. You get a video explaining you how to use these tools. It includes instruction on how to customize the timesheet to fit with your activities.

  • Creating a Mind Map help you identify your market and their need, your services, resources and expertise. You also gain clearity in how to deliver your services and how to do marketing.

  • The Mind Map makes it easier to identify the activities you need to focus on to achieve your goal.

  • The timesheet for registering your hours gives you the facts you need to make good decision and to improve. The drop-down menus with pre-defined activities makes it easy to register your hours on the right activity.

  • The graphic in the timesheet shows you how much time you spent on different activities. It makes it easier to plan future projects, and to consider outsourcing. Because you know how much time you spend on different activities, you can assess cost-benefit value of outsourcing tasks.

  • When you know how much time you spend on different activities you can adjust the course if needed.

  • To know the profitability of your products, it is important to know how much time you have spent on it. This includes both planning, developing, marketing and selling your product.

Start managing your time now:

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