I will share a story that Vibeke Holtskog shared with me. Simply because it hit me. Perhaps it will hit you too:

A man was driving on the countryside and suddenly did not know where he was. The peaks on both sides of the road looked the same, and the road he would turn to the right never revealed. In frustration, he found his mobile phone to check the map. Concentrating on the map, he suddenly drove off the road and ended up in the ditch.

Even though he got unharmed from the incident, his car was well down the ditch, and it was impossible for him to get it on the road again without help.

He started walking, and soon came to a farm where he asked for help. "My horse can get you out of the ditch," said the farmer, pointing to an old horse that was bound to a tree. The man looked at the old horse; gray, thin and with bent head. He looked skeptical at the farmer. "Yeah, Old Buddy can do the job" insisted the farmer. The man pulled his shoulders. He had nothing to lose on the attempt. The two men went to the car, with the old horse halting behind.

The farmer tied the horse to the car, pulled the reins and shouted: "Go, Jack! Come on, Freddie! Good job, Stormy! Pull Buddy! "

And the old horse pulled the car straight up from the ditch. The man was astonished; He had not believed this. He thanked the farmer, clapped Buddy on the muzzly, and asked: Why did you shout all the names before Buddy? The farmer smiled. "You see, old Buddy here is almost blind. If he thinks he is part of a team, he works as well as when he was young and strong"

Being part of a community is important to people as well. I become motivated when I can help others and I am surrounded by people who wish me well. Others give me inspiration, joy in my work and motivation to do my best.

This month, Lean Tech moved into Dynea's location at Lillestrøm. I worked here 11 years ago. Now I am back with former colleagues and friends who wish me well. It's a community I'm grateful to be a part of, and it is important for maintaining motivation in an occasionally lonely job.

Lean Tech is 4 years 1st of November and "still going strong" thanks to the trust of customers and motivating feedback from my community. Thanks! 

The picture is of me and my partner Trond at an adventure race, Challenge 40. Adventure races are an optimal team activity where you push your limits to contribute to the community. The team is no stronger than its weakest link, but cooperation can equalize differences. Varied activities, beautiful nature and the solidarity you experience during an adventure race makes this my favorite sport.

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