Customer feedback:


darylpowell"I was very impressed with Sissel's Lean Six Sigma knowledge. She makes it easy to identify improvements and create results"
- Daryl Powell, Lean Manager, Kongsberg Maritime Subseavalue stream mapping


måleprogram for utslipp"Sissels ability to quickly understand the issue, as well as her commitment and expertise is impressive. Her analytical and thorough contribution to our monitoring program has been precise and targeted, and very educational." effektivisering
- Thomas Løvik,HSEQ Advisor, TWMA Norway


eivindwilloch "Sissel has worked as part of Cambis project team for two of our projects. Her main focus has been on process design, engineering and procurement. Sissel has proven herself as a competent and committed employee. She has been an important contributor to make good progress in the projects she has worked with. At the same time she is accurate and has good quality of the work she performs."
- Eivind Willoch, Project Manager, Cambi AS efficiency


Roger "We are very happy with the work carried out. We was not very clear what the order was, but with your background and expertise the outcome was what we were looking for and a document we will benefit from in the future"
- Roger Søråsdekkan, Site Leader at Allnex, Norwaybenchmarking


kjelleven"We hired Lean Tech to develop monitoring program for air emission. The monitoring program should satisfy requirements from the Norwegian Environment Agency including sampling frequency to ensure representative samples, uncertainty estimates, calculations and preparation of reporting templates, etc. The assignment was delivered with the correct content at the right time. Recommended."
- Kjell Even Misfjord, SHE manager at Allnex, Norwaymonitoring program

Feedback from course participants (Lean Six Sigma):

"Inspiring, professionally competent, popularize a theoretical discipline"
- Espen Fjeld, Commercial Director at Berendsen, Norway
"Clear and well presented. Good at asking questions and listen (check understanding)"
- Morten Bodding, Production Manager at Berendsen, Norway


"Academic highly skilled and clear performance. Fun and builds trust."
- Jon Sørensen, Production Manager at Berendsen, Norway
"10/10 good at reaching everyone"
- Erlend Stene, Sales leader at Berendsen, Norway

"Made a difference, engaged and skilled"
- Participant from EWOS
"You are inspiring, positive and professionally skilled"
- Participant from EWOS

Thank you for your trust:

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Projects at Allnex:


  • Benchmarking energy consumption per product
  • Mapping of waste and emission according to IPPC directive
  • Develop and improve the model for benchmarking of energy consumption

Projects at Cambi:


  • Design and purchasing of equipment for biowaste plant "IVAR"
  • Design and purchasing of equipment for biowaste plant "Nye Mjøs"

Monitoring program for emission:


  • Monitoring program for emission to air at Allnex
  • Monitoring program for emission to water at TWMA
  • Monitoring program for emission to air at Ringnes
  • Monitoring program for emission to water at Skretting

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feedback course participants

Lean Six Sigma and Environmental Sustainability

Sissel Lundeby, together with Daryl Powell, Lucas Chabada and Heidi Dreyer from NTNU, wrote a manuscript entitled "Lean Six Sigma and Environmental Sustainability: The case of a Norwegian Dairy Producer". Tt is published in "Seeing Green: Achieving Environmental Sustainability through Lean and Six Sigma" published by "The International Journal of Lean Six Sigma". Manuscript ID is IJLSS-06-2015-0024. The case study is a Value Stream Mapping lead by Sissel Lundeby at a Norwegian Dairy Producer, focusing on efficient use of raw materials.This paper was awarded the Emarald Publishing Highly Commended Paper Award.