Overcoming fear

overcoming fear

I went to Oslo Summer Park together with my oldest son, where you can climb trees, experience different elements, and challenge yourself. There are several routes with different level of difficulty, where you climb, balance, use zip lines and rope, while being secured with harness, slings and carabiners. After trying several routes, we discovered someone doing the "Tigerspranget", meaning "Tiger Leap". It is a 25 m high pole with a platform on top, where you can jump out while being secured. It looked very exciting!

My son and I decided to try. We had nothing to lose. It was not dangerous, and we like new challenges. 

tigersprangetThe excitement increased as I climbed up the pole. It seemed so much higher looking down from the top than opposite. When reaching the top, being secured and ready to jump, I recognized the fear and doubt. It felt not natural to jump out into the air, even though my sense told me it was not dangerous. The longer I waited, the harder it was to take the jump...

Suddenly the security person asked me: "Would you like a push?" I thought for a moment, and realized that a push was just what I needed. A gentle push in order to take the leap. I got a push, and screamed out of joy as I flew towards the ground at controlled speed. 

My body tingled and the adrenalin made me energetic and happy. It was completely harmless. Only fun :-) However, I needed the push to take the leap outside of my comfort zone.

Sometimes your common sense says YES, but internal resistance stops us. It is good to have someone who can push you a little bit. Get you to make choices that you fancy but for some reason do not dare to take.

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