Asking questions

  • 21 August 2015 |
  • Published in Blog

RussellI saw a show with Ian Russell, and I found it inspiring and informative. He is excellent at asking questions and interact with his audience, while teaching science. He made some good points I will share here.

He talks about how children are curious and asks questions, while grown-ups tend not to. Why is that? Why do we stop questioning things? Ian encourages us to become more curious of our surroundings, to ask questions and to investigate. I am sure a lot of the kids watching his show, started their own experiments when they got home. Mine did.

What about us grown-ups? Most of the grown-ups on the show were there because of their children. They did not want to raise their hands and share their opinion when Russell asked question.


Overcoming fear

  • 11 August 2015 |
  • Published in Blog

overcoming fear

I went to Oslo Summer Park together with my oldest son, where you can climb trees, experience different elements, and challenge yourself. There are several routes with different level of difficulty, where you climb, balance, use zip lines and rope, while being secured with harness, slings and carabiners. After trying several routes, we discovered someone doing the "Tigerspranget", meaning "Tiger Leap". It is a 25 m high pole with a platform on top, where you can jump out while being secured. It looked very exciting!

My son and I decided to try. We had nothing to lose. It was not dangerous, and we like new challenges. 

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