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I do not intend to start a discussion about which came first, the chicken or the egg. I leave that to others :-)

However, this post is about boiling eggs, and how to always achieve the same quality of a process.

I had a summer job at “Sjømennenes Helsehjem” many years ago, and how to boil the eggs was a hot topic. The customers / residents were not always pleased with the boiled eggs. However, it was complicated to please them since some residents were very happy while others were dissatisfied, with eggs cooked exactly the same way.

They had different preference for quality.


How do you get the egg the way you want every time? How do you get the same quality of a product every time you produce it?

First you must know which quality to achieve, then it is important to create a process that gives the desired result every time.

Egg boiling process

process map

There are many ways to boil eggs, and the different methods will lead to different variables affecting the process. The picture shows you my boiling process.

How is your egg boiling process?

Which variables affect it? 

I like so-called "smiling eggs": egg boiled so that the yolk is solidified only at the edges. I would like smiling eggs every time I am boiling eggs!

quality improvement

The variables I found are critical in order to achieve the same result every time are egg size (weight) and altitude (pressure).

This summer I have been at sea level and up in the mountains boiling eggs: smiling eggs, the way I want them. And now you can do the same if you want, following the recipe in the picture. Good luck!

I give no guarantee of smiling eggs, since I have not tested a wide range of egg size and altitudes. But if you like to test the formula and want to share your data, you are welcome to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Good luck achieving the same quality every time for your process!

If you need help to map you process, determine critical variables, conduct tests, and build expertise within quality improvement please contact Lean Tech. The training can be adjusted to fit your challenges. 


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